Do you travel?

Yes. We are located in Binghamton, NY (upstate NY) but we love to travel. We are open to filming anywhere that your story may take us.

How long does it take to receive my films?

Typically we finish your collection in roughly 8 weeks. This can vary quite a bit depending on what collection you have chosen. If you absolutely cannot wait, we offer a trailer film that is delivered 1-2 weeks after the day of the wedding for a sneak preview!

What kind of packages do you offer?

We have built our collections around one basic ingredient. Story. Each collection has options of different style and length of videos as well as the option to completely customize the collection and add videos and features à la carte if you prefer.

How do I book you?

Please fill out our form on our contact page and we will get back to you shortly to see if the date is available. We require a 20% down payment of your total collection price to secure your date.

What music is used in the videos?

We use a database of music to handpick each song to fit every moment of your film. This also ensures there are no copyright issues when sharing your videos.

Do you provide raw footage?

No. While we are filming we make sure every frame has meaning behind it. We review our footage extensively and do our best to include everything we can into your story. That being said, if there are specific moments that you are interested in more than others, just let us know and we'll be happy to focus on those to ensure we get the shot and include it in your film.

Do you do photography as well?

No. Currently, we only offer videography for weddings. However, we have many photographers that we love working with that we can recommend.

What are your rates?

All wedding collections begin at $2,900. Please contact us for more detailed pricing.